DigiPoll offers extensive range of market research fieldwork options. Over the years, DigiPoll has developed the capacity and expertise to conduct fieldwork for the most complex, voluminous, and sensitive market research projects. Some of the sectors that DigiPoll has conducted fieldwork for are:

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking and Finance
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fuel Providers
  • Major Retailers
  • Farming and AgriBusiness
  • Governement Departments & Councils
  • Tertiary Education  

In addition to conducting computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI) which is DigiPoll’s main area of expertise, we are now offering our clients the option of collecting information via online surveys, either in addition to CATI or as an option on its own.

With our staff in-depth experience in developing complex questionnaires and the use of our propriety survey software, we can combine responses and analyse results of both data collection methods to the level required by our clients.

Political Polling

DigiPoll uses its exclusive sampling system, which is based on the Random Digit Dialing (RDD) method to generate random sampling across the country or smaller areas, accurately reflecting the socio-economic makeup of The population. Political polls are conduced weekly during the period before each general election, and on a quarterly basis in between elections.

DigiPoll Election Polling


Central and local government policy and planning research

Government departments and other public organisations often seek the public’s opinion in relation to the development of new policies and new programmes/initiatives, or in order to evaluate existing policies and programmes. DigiPoll teams up with in-house or external researchers to carry out the fieldwork and provide them with either the raw data or the analysis required, including thematic analysis of open-ended questions.


Market Research

Business Surveys

DigiPoll works in collaboration with market researchers to carry out the fieldwork required for a range of areas such as customer satisfaction, brand awareness or consumer loyalty. In addition to conducting the actual fieldwork, researchers have access to DigiPoll’s extensive experience in survey design and quota management through random selection, customer lists or a business list.

Decision makers/ executive Interviewing

DigiPoll has experience in interviewing top executives and company decision makers, as well as senior medical professionals. Our interviewers understand the time pressure and the difficulty in accessing this group. They are trained to follow specific process that enables the interviewers to firstly gain access to the decision maker, and then conduct the interview in a manner that is acceptable and convenient for the interviewee.


Data collection and analysis

Quantitative data

DigiPoll’s can provides its clients with either the survey’s raw data in a range of formats or carry out basic data analysis such as frequencies and cross tabulations.

Qualitative data

Most surveys include some open-ended questions. DigiPoll will provide thematic analysis and summaries of the open-ended questions if required.

Focus group reqruitment

Many of our clients conduct focus groups in addition to the telephone survey. DigiPoll can recruit participants for focus groups using clients’ own customer list or using our own RDD methodology.

Online recruitment

Some of our clients are interested in recruiting participants for their online surveys. DigiPoll can recruit participants for online surveys using clients’ own customer list or using our own RDD methodology.


New Horizons

DigiPoll has been one of the most precise pollsters in New Zealand since 1998 general election. Precision polling involves ability to develop correct sampling procedure and ability to generate correct demographic weighting process, which will represent the population. However equally important is the process of conducting fieldwork for the polls. This involves developing operational procedures, which ensures high quality data and selection and training of our interviewers to ensure high response rate. Whether it is political polling, which is less than 5% of our turnover or our market research services, 90% of business is from 20% of our clients, a near Pareto! The reason for this slightly skewed Pareto ratio is our clients’ complete confidence in our ability to meet and exceed their expectations.

What DigiPoll does is optimize operational efficiencies, develop rigorous quality checks and implement processes. With this experience and available infrastructure in both the hemisphere, DigiPoll is continuously looking for new partnerships with corporate businesses, government departments, educational institutions and researchers by providing complete contact centre solutions and back office support.

Contact Centre Solutions:
  • Manage marketing campaigns
  • Set-up customer contact centre to service orders
  • Provide after sales service
  • Update your client database.
Back Office Support:
  • Creating and managing database
  • Data capture and, transcription services
  • Digitization of directories.