About Us

DigiPoll Ltd provides quality computer assisted telephone interviewing fieldwork to market researchers, government organizations, small businesses, and media outlets. The company has been polling since 1996 and has conducted over a million interviews worldwide.

DigiPoll has established itself as an institute of precision polling by clearly predicting the outcome of five New Zealand general elections.

The company focuses on gathering data from different target groups, specialising in complex quota sampling such as residential/ business; gender/ age/ ethnicity/ area of residence.

We offer a quick turn around and have the experience and capacity for a range of circumstances:

    • Low volumes (<100) to high volumes (thousands)
    • Short surveys (<3 minutes) to long surveys (45 – 60 minutes)
    • High response rate  to low response rate
    • Range of languages

The high quality and accuracy achieved is due to a strong and rigorous methodological basis and adherence to the highest standards of market research. DigiPoll is one of a handful of companies in New Zealand that are Interviewing Quality Standards (IQS) accredited, and is a long time member of AMRO, the Association of Market Research Organisations.

DigiPoll’s is costing remains competitive because of its process efficiencies steaming from proprietary software and innovative technologies.