Business Model

DigiPoll offers a clear link between the survey research ideas and the research report. The researcher is given support for questionnaire design at one end and the statistical data at the required level of analysis at the other end.

DigiPoll delivers highly and consistently accurate results and has a PROVEN SUCCESS record.

We deliver accurate data based on the client’s requirements, such as raw data, frequency tables, cross-tabulations, and with post-coding of open ended questions.


DigiPoll’s Core Values


Impeccable Quality

We follow a 2-tier quality control process through which we are able to deliver precise and accurate results.

DigiPoll’s comprehensive quality control protocol follows the production process of INPUT-PROCESS-OUTPUT

Input - questionnaires are meticulously phase-tested with initial testing, revisions and retesting.

Process - includes both personal supervision and remote audiovisual network monitoring.

Output - real time monitoring of response rates and quotas as well as auditing of interviews

As an IQS accredited member of AMRO and MRSNZ, DigiPoll abides by a strict code of ethics and quality. DigiPoll is currently undergoing the preparation to become ISO 20252 accredited.

Time Efficiency

DigiPoll is always committed to the timeframes set with clients. Once you engage us for your fieldwork we guarantee the time frame that we agree to.
We take on the responsibility to achieve the sample size once we take on the work.

DigiPoll’s turnaround for processing requests for quotation and project launch from the time of quote acceptance is very fast due to our sophisticated survey software.

Competitive Pricing

In order to reduce the overheads and wage costs, DigiPoll has taken two strategic decisions that enable us to deliver at a cost competitive way compared to many market research companies in New Zealand or Australia.

  • New Zealand location - DigiPoll strategically opted to locate in a University town, in close proximity to academic collaboration and availability of high calibre fieldworkers.
  • Offshore option – DigiPoll provides an option of high quality services at economical costs from its subsidiary, e-Pollster India Pvt. Ltd., in India. ePollster specializes in surveying (telephone and online), lead generation, data entry (online and offline) and transcription. It is located in Mumbai, the commercial hub of India. ePollster, with 50-seat call centre capacity, undertakes projects in markets across a range of time zones.