DigiPoll Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, or the commitment to operating in an ethical way that takes
into account people, communities and the planet, is a core value of DigiPoll.

We have been working towards building capability for the community on a number of levels:

Our employees

DigiPoll’s started as an offshoot of the University of Waikato Survey Research Unit, which
historically employed only tertiary students, providing many young people with their first
opportunity to be part of the adult workforce.

For many, it was the first time to secure a job on their own, without parents help. The first
time they had their own “real” disposable income to supplement their student loan or student

Over the years we proceeded to employ other tertiary students – from Wintec and other local
institutions, and recently also secondary school students.

We are one of the major employer (who are not multi-nationals or supermarket chains)
that provide young people with the opportunity for a first job, in a relaxed and friendly
atmosphere, where they are paid the same hourly rates as adults and can gain an
experience that will often last a lifetime.

Although a large number of our employees are under 18, we pay all new employees the
same rates, regarding of their age. We believe that all new employees come with the same
basic skills, regardless of their age, therefore are entitled to the same starting pay rate.

In addition to secondary and tertiary students, we provide many people in our community the
first step into meaningful and productive employment. May it be the new immigrants who are
often denied the opportunity by other employers to enter the New Zealand workforce, people
with disabilities or even those who have been away from the workforce for a while and seek

Our flexible hours and working atmosphere provide a supportive environment and an
opportunity for growth and development.

Our community

DigiPoll sponsors, supports and contributes to a number of national and local community
fund raising activities:

  • Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer annual fund raising events
  • Ruakura Fundraising for the Hamilton Women's Refuge
  • Hukanui Primary School bi-annual gala

Our environment

DigiPoll has been gradually reducing the degree of our impact on the environment through:

  • Reduction in the use of paper through the use of electronic media or double-sided printing when hard copies are required.
  • Reduction in the number of printers and increased personal accountability over the use of paper.
  • Elimination of the use of disposable cutlery and dishes.