What we do


What sets DigiPoll apart from many market researchers is the use of scientifically sound methodology.

Gathering accurate data is only viable while using a sample that reflects a population. In a scientific survey every member of a population must have an equal opportunity to be questioned. Companies using bought databases are neglecting this aspect, where as DigiPoll produces random numbers to be used in a sample.

With the emergence of new telephone providers it has become increasingly difficult to produce accurate samples. DigiPoll overcomes this problem by having continuously updated “telephone maps” of populations. Accurate maps are also vital for representing ethnic minorities and other hard to reach groups.

Weighting survey responses is designed to remove bias from a survey sample and make the results better project the target population. DigiPoll has formulated a weighting methodology that is applied to the raw data in order to reflect the
demographic composition of the sample, which has been proven to be successful time and time again.

A side from having a solid methodology, DigiPoll takes careful measures in conducting polls in a clean lab environment so not to add human error. Having professional telephone operators working in a comfortable atmosphere with the best software and hardware is far superior to calling from home. It allows for ongoing supervision and monitoring by trained and experienced supervisors who can also
assist interviewers and support them when needed.

Our expert project managers, programmers and fieldwork team can also:

  • Assist in the creation of the survey questionnaires
  • Allow for multiple interviewers to work on a survey at the same time
  • Manage multiple survey projects simultaneously
  • Automatically select the proper route in conditional branching questions
  • Randomly create and select telephone numbers and facilitates the use of random digit dialling sampling
  • Automatically schedule callbacks to unanswered calls
  • Collects raw data from interviews ready for statistical analysis by external software
  • Automatically keeps track of any survey sample quota requirements
  • Monitors interviewer productivity to increase efficiency
  • Tracks the disposition of every single telephone call made during the course of a study
  • Provides reports on the progress of the survey, including marginal tabulations from the data, at any time

DigiPoll has been a member of AMRO, the Association of Market Research Organisations, for over fifteen years. AMRO is the market research industry group that aims to help promote consistently high industry standards and to help ensure the maintenance of the public's good will.

AMRO member companies co-operate in compiling industry data, establishing professional and ethical standards for the industry and in communicating with the users of research as well as the general public.

Since the early 1980's the level of market research activity in New Zealand has sharply increased to the point where - per head - New Zealanders are among the most researched individuals in the world.

Any efficient economy requires a free flow of market information and there is a compelling argument for market research as a vital practice, which contributes to the economy. Nevertheless the ongoing effectiveness of market research depends upon the quality of research standards, and the goodwill of those members of the public whose attitudes and behaviours are the subject of research.


AMRO Members constitute a major part of the market research industry in New Zealand.

  • AMRO members, between them, account for the major share of market research activity within New Zealand.
  • AMRO companies turn over close to $80 million per annum and employ 400 full-time and 4,000 part-time staff throughout New Zealand. The combined size and level of market research activity gives AMRO a clear role as the industry body.
  • AMRO's support and endorsement of the Market Research Society of New Zealand - which is the professional body for market researchers (and affiliated to similar organisations world-wide) ensures that AMRO activity is aligned with the wider aims and objectives of the broader market research profession.